Update on the Pub Quiz!

Hi folks,

Only three more sleeps until Hobocon, we hope you’re as excited as we are. We have an announcement regarding the pub quiz on Saturday night for you today.

Good news! We will be getting our own private bar for Saturday night! This means that the pub quiz will be happening in the main hall. This will require some reorganisation of the main hall, so please bear with us at around the 7pm mark as we may be moving tables and such. The bar upstairs is closed to the public from 5pm onwards as there will be a private party.

The quiz is going to be lots of fun, with trivia about all sorts of things, both gaming and not-gaming related. If you don’t want to take part in the quiz, you can take part in the Saturday night RPG, written and run by Ian Power. If you’d prefer to play a boardgame, and you can do so quietly, feel free to stay in the main hall. If you think you’ll be bothered by the pub quiz, or think you’ll be bothering the pub quiz (you know who you are!!) we can offer you some gaming space at an alternative spot in the venue. Just come and ask us!

All in all we are really looking forward to the convention, and we hope you are too.

See you all on Saturday morning, doors open at 9am!

Liz & Siskey

Team Hobocon Iron

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