The Magnificent Hobocon 7

I hope you all are enjoying some well earned time off. We are enjoying ours by working hard to bring you Hobocon! This will be our 7th event and aims to continue the success of previous years. It will take place in the Teachers Club, Dublin, on the 2nd and 3rd of June, so mark that in your calendar now! Or better yet like our facebook page to keep update as we get closer to hobocon!

For those who are new, Hobocon aims to bring you the best of the last year of gaming bundled into one little con. We are currently putting together a collection of previously run rpgs and larps, giving you a second chance to catch the best of what you may have missed throughout the year. We’ll also bring your exciting special events, wargames and a large variety of boardgames to keep you entertained!

Given the new year spirit why not make attending Hobocon your New Years resolution!

  • Its easy to do (just turn up!)
  • It doesn’t cost much (10 euro, and free if you are will to help run something!)
  • Is scientifically proven to make you a better person! (For very loose definitions of “scientific”).

Until next time!

The Man With No Name


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