Call For Games!

Hi everyone!

Hobocon is taking shape, but we still need more of something you can help with….


If you (or know some who) would like to write an rpg or larp, or have one already that you think people would enjoy, please get in touch! You get free entry and the chance to see your work played! To help you with ideas, if you are stuck, the theme this year is Spaghetti Western, so gunslingers, show downs and outlaws are all good! but don’t feel restricted to that. We are also keen to get DnD, WoD or Call of Cthulhu games if you can’t decide on a system. Drop us an email to or a message to us on our facebook. We’ll get back as soon as we can.

But thats not all! We are very interested in any other games or special events that you would like to run. If you have something you think people would like to play, or you would like to discuss holding an event at Hobocon (we have the space!) then please get in touch! We’d love to hear about it. Just drop a mail to or send a message to our facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing you at Hobocon!


The man with no name

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