Bring Along or Play What We Have

The humble boardgame is the mainstay of any tabletop gaming convention. We have a wide selection to choose from, which you will be able to borrow over the convention by leaving a deposit at front desk. We will have plenty of space for you to play whatever you boardgames like, they can be short party games, deep euro’s or day long complex strategy games, whatever takes your fancy!

We’ll also be around to help set up boardgames and show you the ropes all weekend – just ask at the desk.

Play the games you want and win prizes!

Also to acknowledge those who come to Hobocon to simply meet friends and play boardgames we will be giving out raffle tickets to people playing boardgames and running a small raffle at the end of each day. Just our way of thanks people for coming to Hobocon and making it a great experience! Details will be announced on the day.