Pathfinder Society Games

The Pathfinder Society Ireland are providing a full suite of their excellent games at Hobocon. There will be two games each slot, and two slots each day.  So something for everyone.

You can see details of each game here:

One Month To Go!

Just 1 month to go!

We have our full list of RPG’s and LARPs, some excellent Guild Ball events, our hilarious pub quiz and are proud to announce we will be running a boardgame raffle each day of the con!

To acknowledge those that come to Hobocon to catch up with their friends and play boardgames we’ll be running a small raffle at the end of each day. You can earn tickets by playing boardgames (based on how long the game is). More details will be announced on the day. This is just another way for us to thank those who come along to play games and make Hobocon great!

You will also be happy to hear that An Bréagán is Hobocon’s official vendor, with all the best comics books, pop culture & gaming  paraphernalia for you to purchase.

Our time table will be announced soon. Looking forward to see you all on the 2nd & 3rd of June!

The Man with No Name

Hobocon: 2nd – 3rd June 2018

Once upon a time in Hobocon

We hope you are all enjoying yourself this Easter break. We will be working hard putting together the very best Hobocon just for you. With just two months to go we are putting the finishing touches on our games. Expect to be seeing rpg and larp blurbs going up soon, and for all you boardgamers we have something very special in store so stay tuned! Looking forward to seeing you all on the 2nd and 3rd of June at the Teachers Club, Parnell Sq, Dublin.

The Man with No Name

Keep them coming!

Hobocon are proud to announce the return of The Pathfinder Society and City of No Flag for Hobocon 7. Details are still being finalised and you’ll here all about them here when they are. For now you can just sit back and look forward to some excellent rpg’ing and larp’ing action coming your way in June.

That is of course unless you would like to run something at Hobocon! In that case please get in touch on our facebook or by email as we are still looking for games, either rpgs/larps or special events you would like to run.

The Man with no Name

Call For Games!

Hi everyone!

Hobocon is taking shape, but we still need more of something you can help with….


If you (or know some who) would like to write an rpg or larp, or have one already that you think people would enjoy, please get in touch! You get free entry and the chance to see your work played! To help you with ideas, if you are stuck, the theme this year is Spaghetti Western, so gunslingers, show downs and outlaws are all good! but don’t feel restricted to that. We are also keen to get DnD, WoD or Call of Cthulhu games if you can’t decide on a system. Drop us an email to or a message to us on our facebook. We’ll get back as soon as we can.

But thats not all! We are very interested in any other games or special events that you would like to run. If you have something you think people would like to play, or you would like to discuss holding an event at Hobocon (we have the space!) then please get in touch! We’d love to hear about it. Just drop a mail to or send a message to our facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing you at Hobocon!


The man with no name

The Magnificent Hobocon 7

I hope you all are enjoying some well earned time off. We are enjoying ours by working hard to bring you Hobocon! This will be our 7th event and aims to continue the success of previous years. It will take place in the Teachers Club, Dublin, on the 2nd and 3rd of June, so mark that in your calendar now! Or better yet like our facebook page to keep update as we get closer to hobocon!

For those who are new, Hobocon aims to bring you the best of the last year of gaming bundled into one little con. We are currently putting together a collection of previously run rpgs and larps, giving you a second chance to catch the best of what you may have missed throughout the year. We’ll also bring your exciting special events, wargames and a large variety of boardgames to keep you entertained!

Given the new year spirit why not make attending Hobocon your New Years resolution!

  • Its easy to do (just turn up!)
  • It doesn’t cost much (10 euro, and free if you are will to help run something!)
  • Is scientifically proven to make you a better person! (For very loose definitions of “scientific”).

Until next time!

The Man With No Name


Update on the Pub Quiz!

Hi folks,

Only three more sleeps until Hobocon, we hope you’re as excited as we are. We have an announcement regarding the pub quiz on Saturday night for you today.

Good news! We will be getting our own private bar for Saturday night! This means that the pub quiz will be happening in the main hall. This will require some reorganisation of the main hall, so please bear with us at around the 7pm mark as we may be moving tables and such. The bar upstairs is closed to the public from 5pm onwards as there will be a private party.

The quiz is going to be lots of fun, with trivia about all sorts of things, both gaming and not-gaming related. If you don’t want to take part in the quiz, you can take part in the Saturday night RPG, written and run by Ian Power. If you’d prefer to play a boardgame, and you can do so quietly, feel free to stay in the main hall. If you think you’ll be bothered by the pub quiz, or think you’ll be bothering the pub quiz (you know who you are!!) we can offer you some gaming space at an alternative spot in the venue. Just come and ask us!

All in all we are really looking forward to the convention, and we hope you are too.

See you all on Saturday morning, doors open at 9am!

Liz & Siskey

Team Hobocon Iron

We called the *dog* Indie Games at Hobocon

It’s slightly less than one week until the doors open at Hobocon, and we have another announcement!

We’ve got scheduled RPGs, and scheduled LARPs already, which you know because you’ve been checking out the blurbs at the links above!

Now we’ve also got indie games. These are a little bit special, using collaborative improvisational gameplay to craft a story together with the GM. Donogh McCarthy will be running one of these games on Sunday morning at the convention, either “Best Friends” or “Monster of the Week”, depending on demand.

Monster of the Week

There are monsters out there. Most people don’t believe in them, but they’re real. Mostly, when someone finds out that monsters are real, that’s just before they die. But some people are mean enough, smart enough, crazy enough, or hurt enough, that they live. They go on a crusade to kill the monsters. That’s who you are.

Best Friends

A role-playing game about girlfriends and all their petty hatreds… Oh, I know. You’re gonna say that y’all get along just peachy. Well, that’s fine too. No one said any of this was true… But, between you and me: it really is. Anyway, you and some friends all play girlfriends and try to do stuff together, while secretly hating each other. And getting little frissons of excitement out of getting one up on your Best Friends. And it’s going to be fun.

Dare to Dream Playtest!

We’re excirah and delirah to announce a new special event at Hobocon Iron, a Playtest of a new Irish boardgame, from the team that successfully Kickstarted their game of make-your-own-horror Exquisite Beast. See details below!

Dare to Dream Open Playtest

Come check out a new Irish board game before it hits the shelves! Dare to Dream is a 3 vs 1 competitive card game with asymmetric game play. The team of three cooperate as The Dreamers, just trying to sleep through the night, while the other player acts as The Darkness, sending waves of monsters and nightmares at them in an attempt to wake them up!

Dare to Dream is an easy to learn game suitable for ages 10 and up. The demo only takes 25-30 minutes to pick up and play so why not come give it a try! Ethan and Sean of Turtle Dream Games will be at the convention all day Saturday and on Sunday afternoon to show their game off.