Irish Guild Ball Events

Guild Ball is the game of medieval fantasy football. It’s a fast-paced miniatures game where two players field characterful and diverse teams of slippery Fishermen, brutal Butchers, rowdy Brewers, or stalwart Masons, as well as many others.


Our friends from the Irish Guild Ball community are here at Hobocon to persuade new players to give the game a try, and to put on a tournament!





Guild Ball Saturday- Beginner Friendly Tournament

Sunday is tournament day! This is an opportunity for the Guild Ball community to get together and play some competitive games for a prize. We have space for up to 16 players which can expand if need be, and our hope would be that some of those would be experienced players, while others would be brand new!


If you’ve got an interest in Guild Ball and want to take a crash course, it is very possible to have a quick run-through of the rules and learn by playing in the tournament. If you’d like to have a more gentle introduction but are still interested in tournament play, we recommend learning on Saturday and playing Sunday. Either way, we have teams available for you to borrow during the tournament on Sunday.


Tournament entry will be €5 on top of your convention entry, which will go towards prize support. The 1st prize will be a newly-released team boxset, which at this point is expected to be one of the new Minor Guilds, and depending on attendance we will have prizes for 2nd and 3rd too.


The rulespack for the tournament will be finalised closer to the tournament date as there are some changes with how organised play works for Guild Ball coming in the pipeline. If you have any questions about any of this, take a look at the Irish Guild Ball Facebook group.


Guild Ball Sunday- Demonstration Games


Starting at 10am, volunteers will be on hand to show newcomers how the game is played. Whatever your level of experience with Guild Ball or miniatures gaming is, we will be happy to play a game with you or provide some space for you and your friends to give the game a try. We have every Guild Ball team available for you to try, so come along and say hello. Eoin and Damien as well as some others from the Irish Guild Ball community will be there!


The rules of the game are available for free online at if you would like to check them out in advance!