LARP Blurbs

The timetable for the convention is here!

Saturday Morning 11am-2pm

City of No Flag (LARP)

“Game 2  – Big Rock in a New System.”

A LARP for 20 Space-Going Ruffians, including returning players, by David M. Hayes.

Gaining mining rights is easy. All you have to do is stake a claim. So Saltiar Corp has laid claim to this system and named it Numidia. This hasn’t caused any problems with any other conglomerate, but once Saltiar start gouging rock for the gooey platinum inside, changes may happen. You also have a load of illegal drone tech on the Carthage and four AI frigates docked to boot which may draw unwanted attention or cause other problems? Who knows? All you do know is you have pulled another  protection shift on the Carthage. Let’s hope this one is as profitable.

Saturday Afternoon 3pm-6pm

The Will of Mad Dog Merriwether

By Feargal Keenan

A LARP for 10-15 Sky pirates and their ilk based on the Sundered Skies setting

Listen up you glow-twinged dogs.  Turns out the rumors are true. Mad Dog Merriwether’s dead and gone. Merriwether wants the “estate”, as it were, to go to folk trying to make their way as Opportunists of the Skies but her family has decided to get “legitimate” so they’re selling off the Mad Dog horde, skyships, elven potions, dwarven treasure maps, all of it.
The Executioner of the Will says some will be divided up by other means, to thems as has ambition but fewer capittle, So polish your boots, sharpen your finest negotiating cutlass and get your yer arses to The Widow and The Whippletree in Shadowhaven.  Just ask for Ma Murdochi – she’ll steer ya right like. Right sound is Ma Murdochi, like a steampriests valve or a good corset or a – What are you staring at ya blighted barnacle?

Sunday Morning 11am-2pm

#Feminism Nano-Games: Speed Larping for Fun and Profit


You’re a cis guy listening to an argument. A Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Part of

a professional’s brain trying to decide when/if she should wear lipstick. A rocket

engineer. Malala’s sister. Yourself, coming up with new words for… things you

think you can’t say. Every 30 minutes you’re in a new game, and they all have

something to explore about feminist issues. 3-5 players per game, come and go

as you like. Some games are mechanicky, some are narrative, some are angry,

comedic, or thoughtful. Or all that. Written by larpwriters from across the globe.

A series of short, Freeform LARPs for 3 – 30 players facilitated by Sarah Hoover.

Sunday Afternoon 3pm-6pm

“Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Trouble in Paradise”
Padraig O’Ruis & Eimhin Loftus
A pro wrestling themed LARP mixing social politics and collaborative storytelling combat for 16 returning players and 4 new players.
 PWEC is on summer vacation! They’ve been travelling across the country as part of their big summer tour and we’re getting the chance to broadcast live from Orlando, Florida with what is bound to be an absolutely stacked card. All of your favourite PWEC stars will be there with plenty of high octane action on the night. The city of Orlando won’t know what hit it as bitter rivals will go head to head for victory and to prove who’s on top. And of course, all the PWEC championships will be defended, including the prestigious PWEC World Championship. Grab your swim shorts and sun cream, this is gonna be one hell of a night!

Your own Deck of Many Things!

Improv techniques for better games hosted by No Drama Theatre.

Whether you are a GM setting out on your first campaign or a veteran player looking for inspiration. This session will give you new tools to make your gaming experience more memorable (and Fun!).

We’re gonna look at some exercises and techniques used by improvisers ( like the folks on “whose line is it anyway”) and how you can apply these to your games. We’ll also play out some D&D based scenes to let your practice your new skills. All Welcome, no experience necessary. XP guaranteed.

Sunday Evening 7pm-10pm

Werewolf the Forsaken: New Tales


The new werewolves of Dublin have already faced many obstacles in staking their claim to the territories of Dublin. They have seen off the hated Pure, even taking one of them into their fold. Now, they must face the problem of what must be done with those territories that were unclaimed by the new Protectorate, where old and terrible enemies have made gains. The spirits grow restless also, and make odd demands. So, the werewolves of Dublin must face another greater challenge: each other.