LARP Blurbs

City of No Flag

by David Hayes

Being a Pirate is hard in the modern universe. Most of the large system conglomerates hold all the power and in resent years have been wiping out all the planetary ports that would have accepted you to dock, and you have been left somewhat out in the cold.

That is where Carthage Deep-Space Station comes in. 2 Granada class Superheavy Traders welded together with Galena Class Carrier thrown into the mix for good measure. This is now your port, your sanctuary, but with all such places there is a price, before, in other stations and drifts, it was money, but on Carthage, it is service.

Young Heroes: The Just Us League

by Feargal Keenan

Centennial City is protected by the Freedom Foundation, a group of the most powerful heroes who united to protect it. World famous figures such as Maximum, Nebula Star, Archangel, Conduit, Nightfall, Swift, The Photon and more.

The Freedom Foundation was established here after the tragic passing of The Century nearly two decades ago. They are the vanguard against the deadliest threats in the world, powerful, skilled and true heroes of the generation.

Only they’ve gone missing so instead the city needs the teen sidekicks of the “Freedom Fledgelings” to step up and protect the city, because word has gotten out and now every villain is crawling out of the woodwork. It’s up to you to figure out what happened and rescue the older heroes! Ideally while not succumbing to your hormones or penchant for melodrama please.

Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Davey Reynolds Invitational Cup

by the PWEC GM Team (Padraig O’Rúis, Eimhin Loftus, and Jon Butler) 

Its that time of year when PWEC is gearing up for its biggest show of the year. Four months out from Slampocalypse 3 the company need to determine their Number 1 Contender for the PWEC World Championship. And with a whole roster of capable Contenders the only way to settle it is in a multiman single elimination tournament! Being broadcast live from Austin, Texas, the best of PWEC’s roster will compete to book their spot in the main event of the biggest show of the year, along with many other matches on the night, with PWEC’s many prestigious titles on the line.

Who will write their names in the history books and become one stop closer to being crowned PWEC World Champion? All will be found out at the Davey Reynolds Invitational Cup!

A wrestling LARP with backstage social politics and narrative over the top combat for 14 returning players and 6 new players.

What We Do In The Shadows

Eimear Quinn 
Orlais. Land of culture, politics, snobbery, and extravagant parties. The rich don masks and dance the night away while secrets are traded in the shadows.
One such party takes place in Val Royeaux tonight. The Galois family have assembled the most unusual roster of guests. Not even all the invite holders know why they received a letter in flowing script and sealed with the Galois crest.
A Magister from the mage-ruled Tevinter Imperium deigns to visit Orlais. A dwarven hero sets aside duty for a night. Nomadic elves leave their forests. Orlesian mages, released from the gilded cages. All for a night of dancing, wine, and possibly more.
A game of political intrigue for 9 to 11 players in the Dragon Age universe. Little to no setting knowledge required.