RPG Blurbs

Cassette Boy
By Legendgerry
System: Fate (Variant)

In the dystopian city of New Angeles high i.q. people are going missing, the usual suspects, the megacorps are concerned. They have been investigating and after some “clashes” between their operatives they are sure it’s not one of them. Your firm, RF investigations, specializes in solving cases discreetly and has been hired as a neutral party to establish if these disappearances are just some psycho, a boot leg brain taping operation or worse a new breakthrough in the technology that they don’t own. NAPD is also looking into it but it would be “Appreciated” if you didn’t involve them and “Greatly Appreciated” if you could solve it before they did. Set in the FFG Android universe


Dr Tesla I Presume?
by Stuart Gorman
System: Savage Worlds Space 1889

The ether engine, invented by Thomas Edison, is the most important invention of our time. It made space travel possible and made its largest, and only, manufacturer, Edison Corp, the most powerful company in the world. Your job as proud employees of Edison Corp is to make sure that things stay that way. Your superiors have been informed that one Nikola Tesla has been illegally manufacturing some new kind of ether engine on Mars. It is your job retrieve Dr. Tesla’s prototype and make sure he doesn’t infringe your copyright again, with extreme prejudice.

The Clocktower Girls take on London!
by Dave Hayes & Michael Calnan
A Fate Accelerated Game

1899, London: The world’s fair is in full swing. Exhibits of mystery, magic and arcane technology from the known worlds line the halls. For the girls of St. Theodora’s finishing school it is a once in a lifetime chance to see the wonders of the age! They’ve been warned to be on their best behaviour but how much trouble could a group of rambunctious girls get into surrounded by the most magical items known to man and beast.

Romeo and Julie De’Ath
By Tadeuz Cantwell
A Zweilhander Game

Ah that classic love story, boy smitten by girl, who loves to wear black, stalk cemeteries at night, but girl doesn’t notice him. So boy seeks to woe her by taking poison to appear dead in a Mausoleum, where she will find him and understand how much he loves her. The players have been sent in to rescue this forlorn fool and bring him back safe. Never mind the still misty air and the dull creak of… wait… is that the sound of lifeless shuffling bones?

Guns for Hire
By Ray O’Mahony
A  FATE scenario

The West is out there, and it’s not going to win itself. Some say it’ll take heroes. It’ll take men and women with quick wits, and quicker reflexes. Folks of sterner stuff, who can take on wanted gangs like the Oklahombres without losing their cool, or their hats. People who can ride into danger head on, and laugh in the face of it.

You’re no heroes, and the townsfolk of White Oaks know it. Though when you push through the swinging saloon doors, the music dies abruptly and the barman eyes you over the glass he was cleaning. They know you’re no heroes, but you have what it takes to lock horns with the outlaws plaguing these lands. You have what it takes to win.

The Quare Long Hand
By Baz Nugent
Savage Worlds

Once upon a time, there was an iron box. And didn’t a wicked landlord put all of his money in the box and hide it up the mountains. And didn’t the rebels shoot him for being in cahoots with the brits, cause, sure, the War of Independence was on.

So the box sits there, all full of money, waiting to be taken. Just slip the leg irons first.

A Fenian escapade for the five members of the Ballyhass Special Flying Squad aka THE LADS

To Boldly Go
By Michael Calnan
Star Trek Adventures
Space exploration is dangerous, unpredictable and awe inspiring. The crew of the USS Cassini are on their own at the edge of the known space. Survival is often a matter of luck, quick thinking and relying on your team. When the crew of the Cassini enter the uncharted Shackleton Expanse they’ll have to work together if they want to ever leave…
One Last Job
By David Hayes

The Fight Against Varius has been gruelling, It is only the first month of the battle, but Varuis have forces one world and hold the Northern Polar region with 4 Conroy Class Deep Space Fortress and 2 hefty defence fleets. Your job is simple, hit the control room of the Seckle Space Elevator and return it to Hifell control, making it harder for them to put troops on the ground. Do this right and we can cut off their troops’ supply lines and wrestle back control of the planet.