Special Events

You might ask what special events are at a tabletop gaming convention? They are those games that can only be achieved at a convention, for they require more people than a living room can generally accommodate. They are those games that grab your attention, they’re something you’ve never seen before. They require strange props, and stranger players.

We’re working on gathering innovators in gaming, men and women whose genius knows no bounds. They will come to the main hall of Hobocon, and show you something you don’t see every day. Come and meet them, and watch this space for more details!

The Great Hobocon Bakeoff

This year we are hosting the Great Hobocon Bakeoff, an opportunity for all of you to show off your mad baking skills, and help those in need.

Here’s how it works: bring along your delicious and crazy creations on Saturday of the convention, and they will be judged by your peers, and our special guest judge Anna (who is peerless). The most delicious and delightful baked goods will win their creator the title of Great Hobocon Baker, and a very special prize (we have definitely already decided what this will be).

Once they have been judged, the baked items will be available for sale to your fellow con-goers. If you want to bring in non-competitive stuff for this, please go mad! All proceeds from this will go to a charity for the homeless in Dublin.

We do have some requests: please do not make anything containing nuts, and list your ingredients. Also, if you can, try to make something gluten-free so that our coeliac friends can join in on the fun.

Ready? Set? BAKE.