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Ravensdale Academy 4/5: Children Are the Future

By the Feargal Keenan and the Ravensdale Faculty

Attention All Students, the Ravensdale Careers Expo is being held in the Main Hall of the Admin building today. Why not come down and see what your future holds on the Hero Track, the Rescue Track, the Support Track and the Civilian Track. Shape your future tomorrow with us today! Every student can come and show off to the recruiters and demonstrators from the household name of heroism.

It is never too early to be thinking about tomorrow - unless you have precognitive visions at 3.00am if so please consult the school nurse.

We would like to remind exhibitors that Brainwashing stand displays are forbidden as are UFO abductions as a recruitment strategy.

City of No Flag

An ongoing LARP by Sly Dirk Games, Set in the Unclaimed Worlds Universe

Numidia has grown Quite big since its humble beginnings, with the Carthage orbiting a base transition star. Now there are stations, planetoids, mining, trade, an increasing population and a ton of space traffic in one of the most cosmopolitan, and open systems in that Badlands Sector, of the Scutum–Centaurus Arm, of the Milky-way Galaxy.

That does not mean you are without Enemies; Rogue AIs, Corporate Megalomaniacs, A spacial Empire with more power than sense and any amount of bounty hunters all cause disquiet in your little corner of space.

But you are strong. You sing no anthems, Pay no Taxes, hold no Loyalties. You are a system of rebels, a System of no nations. Your stations are all Cities of No Flag.

A Toast To The End Of The World

By Eimear Quinn

The world is cold. The sun is dying. Humanity sets off to space, in search of new planets. This is not their story.

The shuttles couldn’t leave the earth without someone staying behind. This is the story of the small group of heroes who remained on earth as the rest of the world left for a new home. The last humans on earth gather to share their last breaths with the final gasp of a dying world. Mere hours remain. Gather together. Decide what legacy you will leave behind for the future to find. Prepare.

Prepare for the end of everything.

Starfleet's Irregulars: Episode 4

By Irene McQuillan

You may not be the best Starfleet has to offer.
Your ship may be named after the patron saint of lost causes.
But it is still your sworn duty to uphold the values of the Federation.
So what will you do when you find yourself in a situation that challenges those values?
What will you do when right and wrong are no longer clear cut?
What will you do if your orders and your ethics don't line up?

The adventures continue for the strangest crew in the Federation.