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Damn the Man. Save the Music!

Damn the Man, Save the Music! is a tabletop roleplaying game about making a last-ditch effort to save something you love.

Play a ragtag group of underachievers, overachievers, street philosophers, and love-struck artists united by one cause: to rescue your record store from the oppressive hand of The Man… and to keep the music playing.


Operators is an RPG designed to tell cinematic action movies at the table. Whether you like challenge-based play in the vein of Tom Clancian technothrillers or the near-future technological heists of Mission: Impossible, Operators has you covered.


The Tainted

A Dark Heresy 2nd Ed game by Tadeusz Cantwell

As agents of an Inquisitor, you knew this time would come, the final mission. The underhive has been infected by Genestealers, ready to explode into open rebellion. Now so have you, knowing your mind won't last more than a few hours. Just enough time to infiltrate their command centre and plant enough explosives to stop their plan.

London Bridge is Falling Down

A Vampire the Masquerade 5th Ed Game for 4-5 Players by Feargal Keenan

There is not much time, you need to get out of London, the Second Inquisition is here and they are coming for you. Make whatever allies you can and flee before it is too late or you will be consumed in their fires. The Masquerade has failed and the death and pain is being rained upon us now for all those years of deceit as the singed egos fuel their weapons.

If you don't get out London in the next three hours you won't get out at all, they want to exterminate us all, purge the city of vampires. So get out as fast as you can, run and do not look back.

- Stephen LeNoir

The Case of the Cuckoo Clock

A Disneyesque game for 5 players by Séamas MacLochlainn, using the Risus system

In a city choked by industry, a charming bunch of ragamuffins roam the streets with their long suffering cat in tow. Come rain or shine, they stick together! But now one of the gang has gone missing! They ain’t seen him in days, and they’re beginning to get worried. It’s time to buckle up, to fight bullies, and to find their friend!

A adventure for five players.

A Mother's Rage

A Mercenary Kingdoms Game for 6 adventurers out for vengeance, by Dave Hayes

You are not Good People, but you have a code. You have worked for House Morlon from the City of Colton now for 3 years, doing the jobs you do not send House Guard to do, and now thieves have stolen from House Morlon and killed its second son, Lithius. His father is furious, but his mother is not. She has donned white for another son and this time not in battle so she can seek her vengeance. This has been sanctioned by the church of Tocran, god of justice and you will bring this mother her due. Kill them. Kill them all!

A normal day at the Brandon estate

A light hearted RPG using the Mistborn system, by Lorcan Gaughan.

Well this day is not off to a good start.

There's a spy ring operating out of guest room 4, some idiots are digging up the grounds looking for treasure, 3 of your tables have been replaced by man eating changelings (don't ask which ones), someone’s spreading rumours that the lady in guest room 2 needs rescuing, the lords birthday is in 3 hours and there isn't even a seating list.

Oh and the butlers identical twin brother has escaped from prison.

At least the old man in guest room 1 seems nice, though his name is Count Alucard

GUBU: The Losty Boys

A Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unpraycedented game for somewhere between 1 and 8 players, now, by that Nuge fella.

Didn’t Paddy Losty, the legendary Pintman, have a fierce thirst upon him! Said he could drink 30 pints on a lunch, and more if it wasn’t a work day. A man like that, not one to let a little thing like, ye know, being dead affect his need for a wee sup.

That said, Paddy might love a drink and an aul banter, but he can’t be wandering about guzzling down anything that’s put in front of him and scaring the young ones. Sure, someone saw him drink all the milk out of a cow from across the road! Someone even saw him drink a whole bottle of Cork Dry Gin, the mad thing!

Prime shpechimen of Irish manhood as he might be, it’s up to the GUBU Vampirish Cultural Appreciation and Public Order Unit to be putting Paddy to bed with an aul bottle of flat 7 Up and a bucket. And maybe a stake, just in case he gets peckish.

GUBU: Sure t'is good for you!

The Fey Team

A Savage Worlds game by Mick ‘Savage’ Fitzpatrick

If you ask me, I'd say it's going to take at least thirty men, a well stocked armoury, a good forge, an alchemist's lab and two months of planning to pull this off. If you asked me, I'd have told you he shouldn't have married her off in the first place, and if you asked me again, I'd tell you he was a greedy bastard for going after that trade agreement in the first place. Of course, no one asked me, so now I've got three misfits, a badly packed cart and some dodgey intel, and I've got one night to get her back. Sounds like a job for the Fey Team.

Short Days Ago

A Wraith: The Great War game.set in the trenches of World War 1, by Allan Leeson. Intended for a mature audience.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.

The 20th Century began. You went over the top. You died, as so many did.

But then, you woke up. The Underworld was a strange, alien world… And the war rages on there, too. So you adapted, you grew, found your passions and fought shadows, both allied and enemy, in fields of rotted poppies and churned, stygian clay.

But here, on the fields of France and Belgium, the veil between life and death is drawn to its breaking point. The Shroud thins, and now, you have a chance to make a difference, to intervene on the field of battle again, to help those you can, to save your mates. Will you get those boys who remain home?